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I escaped politics to the more creative and personable world of people photography in 2005. I love capturing moments of joy for my clients. Beyond photography, I’ve had a life-long interest in health and wellness from a natural perspective. I’m always on the lookout for healthy tools and habits that keep our bodies operating optimally so they can heal themselves and stay healthy, as they were created to do.

When I was a teenager, my mom and I took a macrobiotic cooking class. When I was a Legislative Assistant for a Congressman for 6 years I handled health care issues. Then 15 years ago my mom had breast cancer, which sent us again delving into our diet’s impact on health and wellness. I learned so much that for several years I taught cooking and nutrition classes, geared toward surviving cancer, as an instructor for The Cancer Project. Giving people tools to make positive, do-able and life-altering changes for themselves and their families was so rewarding!

Over the decades I’ve struggled at times with chronic fatigue and low thyroid and I’ve been on a quest to restore my energy levels. The Hotze Clinic and bioidentical hormones have been part of that solution, but I knew there had to be more.  Essential oils have been a great help on my health journey.

In 2009, I was first introduced to lavender oil at a lavender farm in New Zealand. Then in Croatia, in 2014, I met someone distilling lavender and rosemary oils. My small oils kit worked for a variety of things like sprains and mosquito bites. But in 2015, I was introduced to Young Living essential oils and my whole world changed. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true!

I’ve gone from wondering what to use oils for, to using them for everything! I use them to support and balance my hormones. I use them for mood support to promote positive emotions. I use them on minor cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises, bites and stings.  They keep the knots and tight muscles in my neck and shoulders relaxed and happy.  I use them when studying and working to help me focus and absorb information. I use them to wake up and get my brain in gear, and to support energy levels. I use them for chemical free cleaning and am thankful to finally have found a solution for removing toxic products from my home and a source to replace them with safe and effective alternatives. The list goes on!

The more I learn, the more I use the word fascinating. But truly the complexity, flexibility, intricacy and precision of the chemistry of essential oils is incredible. For me, oils tie together our mental, emotional and physical health at a foundational level, providing happiness and wholeness, naturally. I never thought chemistry could be so, well, fascinating!

Let’s pursue health and happiness together!  Contact me today and tell me how I can help you on your journey.



About Jan
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