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on January 17, 2017

Yes water.  Tap water in particular.  And water in plastic bottles.

We all need water, and lots of it as we are about 60% water, for our bodies to function optimally.  But – all water is not created equal.  Tap water is filled with a host of toxins.

Remember the movie Erin Brokovich?  Today 2/3s of Americans are still drinking water contaminated by Chromium-6.  So much for her fight being successful.  But that’s not all.  Our water is often contaminated by pharmaceuticals and personal care products.  And there are numerous added chemicals.  Like chlorine.  The EPA says chlorine follows cigarettes in the leading cause of cancer.   Nice.  And fluoride.  Did you know flouride is toxic to the thyroid?  I wonder if there is a connection to the how common thyroid disease has become in the US…  And then there’s the lead in Flint, MI that makes us wonder what else is being covered up.

A good water filter is a must.  I use a Berkey gravity fed filter next to my sink, because it can filter out flouride and most everything else that I don’t want to drink.   I also hope to get an Aqua Ox whole house filter soon.  It’s basically install and forget about it.  The no maintenance thing is a huge bonus.   Because our skin in the shower absorbs far more toxins much faster than drinking the water, a whole house filter is a must.   It’s almost pointless to be a purist when it comes to drinking water and then to bath in unfiltered water.  Currently I use a vitamin C shower filter since that’s what filters out the chloramine (rather than straight chlorine) in my water.

In addition to the water itself, many take the route of convenience and habitually drink out of plastic water bottles.  The plastic adds another layer of toxicity.  Lovely.   An easy fix is steel or glass bottles containing filtered water from home as a more economical and environmentally friendly option.

hydrogize2And since we’re talking water, my new gadget it the Hydrogize bottle from Young Living.  It uses a titanium electrolysis plate to create hydrogen water.  If you want to know the benefits, just google hydrogen water and just about about anything.  Tons of research.  Separating the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen allows the body access to more oxygen since they hydrogen molecules are so small they can get into the cells.  Good bye free radicals, oxidative damage and inflammation.  An easy addition to your filtered water for staying young and feeling energetic!

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