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on March 28, 2017

Is your laundry hurting your health?

Of all the chemicals in your home, your fabric softener and dryer sheets are possibly the most toxic.  The fact that you can smell them on your clothes and in your laundry room is evidence that they constantly off gas, affecting the air quality in your home and absorbing into your skin as you wear the clothes and sleep on the sheets.  Those chemical fragrances can disrupt hormones, affect the nervous system and contribute to chronic illness like asthma.
Of 171 they studied, the Environmental Working Group gives 83.33% of fabric softeners a D or F rating. 

In addition to fragrance, they often contain these chemicals:

Benzyl Acetate, Chloroform, Dichlorobenzene & Limonene: four known cancer contributors.  Limonene also irritates eyes and skin.

Benyl Alcohol, Camphor & Biodegradable cationic softeners accumulate in the body over time and cause symptoms ranging from confusion to serious damage to the nervous system, headaches, convulsions, even death.

Ethanol and Ethyl Acetate: two chemicals listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s “hazardous waste” list, a narcotic, headaches.

Alpha Terpineol, Pentane & Linalool: cause central nervous system damage, reduced spontaneous motor activity, headaches, depression, and respiratory issues – pentane can even cause loss of consciousness and is extremely harmful if inhaled. A narcotic.

So ditch them!  And go for an easy alternative.
By simply not allowing your clothes to get over heated or tumble hot after they are dry you’ll eliminate most of the static.

Also, for quicker drying time and a way to deliver the natural scent of an essential oil, wool dryer balls are a safe alternative. wool dryer balls

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