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on November 22, 2016

I’m overflowing with information on how to be healthier and beat so much of what is ailing so many of us. I want to share what I’ve learned from so many experts, in bite size ways that can benefit all of us.

Today it’s FLUORIDE.
Did you know fluoride is an industrial waste product from producing things like fertilizer? Two detriments to consuming it (in water or toothpaste) is lower IQ and thyroid disfunction (hmm.. we seem to have an epidemic of thyroid problems…)
Just take a look at the warning on your toothpaste – or your kids toothpaste – you’re told to call poison control if they swallow it!

So what to do? It’s simple enough – change your toothpaste. Look for one with NO fluoride and NO SLS (sodium laurel sulfate – an industrial cleaner that correlates to more canker sores since it strips off the protective lining of your mouth).
Two I like are Earthpaste and Thieves 

Also, a step further would be not to drink it – if fluoride is added to your local water. I use a Berkey water filter with fluoride filters.

And, most of all, if your health, so do your own research and make the decision best for you!  Here’s a place to start.


My niece loves the safe, non-toxic, no fluoride, orange flavored kid’s toothpaste from Young Living.

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