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on December 6, 2016


Toxic Tuesday! Grab one of the many household cleaners you have handy. Read the warning label and then smell it. Isn’t it unnaturally strong? WHAT is in there???

We assume if we can buy it, it’s safe. BUT cleaners aren’t required to list all the ingredients on the label. So leaving off the most dangerous chemicals is easy and common in this unregulated industry with little testing or oversight.

Shockingly 53% of cleaners have chemicals that harm the lungs and 22% can cause asthma to develop. And many contain cancer causing ingredients like formaldehyde, chloroform and 1,4dioxane. Even if the fragrance smells good, that doesn’t mean it’s natural. It’s usually a toxic soup of chemicals, and many of them are allergy triggers while others are hormone disrupters.

EWG has done a little more digging to uncover the truth about the safety of more than 2,000 common cleaners. Go to http://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners to see what the known side effects are of your go-to cleaner. And think about touching and perhaps eating off those “clean” surfaces. Yikes!

We all want our homes to be safe and clean, don’t we. Two super easy switch outs to clean pretty much everything.
~THIEVES cleaner – totally safe, your kids can help you clean! And smells delicious too, using the power of essential oils.
~ NORWEX cloths – clean with only water, really! My favorite may be the window cloth, clean glass and anything shiny with just a spray of water. Though I do love the kitchen cloth as it sanitizes and cleans up and never smells sour. But I could go on, I use their bath cloth and car mitt, dust mitt and more. (If you need a Norwex consultant I can recommend someone.)
~ White vinegar and baking soda are also cheap cleaners.


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